Unite Asia Playlist #3 Up Now!

Here we go everyone! Stoked to get out the THIRD Unite Asia Playlist up and streaming for you!

Here’s the full playlist:
Wanderlust (Indonesia) – Time and Pressure
True Fight (Japan) – Reason To Believe
Error (Singapore) – Emptiness Within
Limbs (Philippines) – Death Jacket
Blow Your Brains Out (Japan) – Blackout
Huminoid (Indonesia) – Nothing New
The Riot Peddlers (India) – Therapist
Daiei Spray (Japan) – Age
Naiad (Japan) – Believing Dreams
Combative Post (South Korea) – Hate Speech
Kaali (Vietnam) – Alone
Modern Day Collapse (Philippines) – Disclosure (Deceiver’s Fate)
District 105 (Vietnam) – Home Sweet Home
Pressureside (Malaysia) – Frayed
Zodd (Singapore) – Ultra Brute Force of Abuse
Brain Corrosion (Taiwan) – Corpse Refining
Piledriver (Philippines) – Road Dog
Bind (Singapore) – Fuck You
Trial By Ordeal (Philippines) – T.B.O.
Krusty (Malaysia) – Soul

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