Such a thing of beauty…Filipino hardcore punk scene providing a platform for our sisters


This past weekend the Philippines hardcore scene welcomed back pretty fucking legendary all-female hardcore band Choke Cocoi. While talking to their guitarist Tweety she even mentioned that this wasn’t just a one off thing (it was part of a beautiful charity where the entire scene came together to help raise some funds), the ladies are ready to start crackin’ on some new jams. Footage of the moment they took the stage is being widely circulated right now clearly looking like a night for the books (check it out below).

As we were pouring over the videos ourselves, it just seemed like a profound thing was (and has been) going on in the Philippines in terms of hardcore and punk rock…hardcore in most places in the world seems to have been down the road of “tough as nails” hardcore as of late. But something totally different seems to be taking place in the Philippines. There is a voice that seems to be more prevalent in their community – a voice that is being heard louder and louder: that of our sisters.

To be able to hear our sisters as they talk about their life experiences, their day to day grind, their view and take on what’s going on in this fucked up world of ours, it’s SOOOOOOO refreshing and eyeopening at the same time. We find ourselves pouring over lyrics to see and read the thoughts to help our own minds grow and learn.

The band Refuse encapsulate this feeling pretty well:

New acquaintances, new stories
New experiences, new learnings
Mostly unexpected which makes it meaningful
I fuckin’ love the hardcore/punk scene

Below are just a few of the insanely talented and passionate Filipino hardcore/punk bands giving a strong, empowering voice to our sisters. We are SURE we’re missing out on some…if we are – PLEASE send us links!!!


BAND | Value Lasts

Photo Credit: Kssael Multimedia


BAND | Choke Cocoi

Photo credit: Keida


BAND | Thought

tiger pussy

BAND | Tiger Pussy

monthly red

BAND | Monthly Red

toxic orgasm

BAND | Toxic Orgasm


BAND | Refuse




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