Technical Progressive Death Metal Act Natal Cleft Release Lyric Video [Philippines]

Natal Cleft was spawned at the University of the Philippines in Cebu City. They play technical progressive death metal. Founding members are Zeekevil (vocalist) and Jonathan Bruce Elias (guitarist). Music always wins is their mantra. From bachelors to married men, the passion for music got deeper. They were married to the music first. No family obligations and excuses barred their path as a band. Many band members come and go. They have found their kindred souls in music with Rex Bontuyan (bassist), Dennis Moga (drummer) and Cholo Lanza (guitarist). Their best line up ever with focus, commitment, and sheer fucking will.

Natal Cleft’s international exposure started when they made it to top 1 in metal charts worldwide at Signmeto Roadrunner Records and the rest is history. The label described Natal Cleft as “Some seriously evil shit from the Philippines.” They have been featured in international tv networks, magazines, radio and web stations. Their full-length album entitled “Particles of Hate” will be released this year.

Karl Sanders (Nile) had this to say: “Very cool and unique. Loved it. Keep up the great brutal work my friend. I am looking forward to hearing more of your amazing brutality.”

Paul Allender (former Cradle of Filth guitarist): “Pleasure my brothers. Great tunes and the world needs to hear you guys.”

Marcel Verdurmen (Altar guitarist): “Great fucking death metal. Awesome vocals! Outstanding band!”

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