Taiwan Announces “Support Hong Kong! Support Freedom!” Concerts – Taipei and Tainan

This just might make us cry…

Taiwan has announced that on November 17 – they will be holding a special Support Freedom concert with the subtitles “Support Hong Kong, Support Freedom”. The November 17 concert will be held in Taipei. Then the following Friday November 22 there’ll be a concert held in Tainan.

November 17’s schedule:

1740-1800 滅火器
1810-1830 朱頭皮蕭福德樂團
1840-1900 陳明章
1910-1930 劉劭希
1940-2000 拍謝少年
2010-2030 大支
2040-2100 董事長樂團

For this occasion Taiwan’s biggest pop punk band Fire Ex. has released a song entitled City Of Sadness dedicated to the Hong Kong protests.


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