We Support Our Asian All Over the World – German Post Punk Band Passionless Pointless Rule

No matter where our fellow Asian fam resides on this planet, we’ll back them 100% – that’s literally the name of our site.

German post-punk band, the excellently named Passionless Pointless, have just released their debut self-titled album. Can’t stress enough how important it is that you check this out…

“Passionless Pointless are a Berlin-based band, who fuse elements of punk rock with noise rock. Bringing qualities of the ferocity of punk and darker, sludgier sounds, combined with melodic vocals and catchy guitar riffs, they’re bringing back the 90’s grunge sound, with a twist. This is the debut album of Passionless Pointless from Berlin—eight songs of heavy, noisy punk rock. = grunge!

The album is available on tape and digitally. The tape comes with a 24 pages zine booklet with lyrics, photos and comments, made by the band.

A PDF version of the PP Album Zine is included in every download.”

Passionless Pointless is one of those bands that as soon as you find out about them you go into a rabbit hole of reading EVERYTHING about them. That’s how awesome this band is. Of course, the fact that their drummer is South Asian just makes their band even more awesome 🙂



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