Submitting News To Us Is Now Much Easier!

We have updated the “Submit News” page so that it is easier for you to use. We continue to welcome any and all submissions about bands/labels/promoters anywhere on this fine continent of ours who are releasing music, issuing an update, announcing tourdates, announcing record release shows, etc. We of course welcome anyone who has something that they want to get off their chest – editorials, opinion-pieces, in depth scene reports, anything you’d like to let the world know about – send them to us!

Lately we’ve even gotten submissions from fans or supporters of other Asian bands who just want their favorite bands news spared on this site. That is amazing! Please keep them coming!

If you’re a band outside of Asia – we only accept submissions by bands who are either related to Asia in some way (having members who may be of Asian descent for example), OR if your band will be coming out to tour the region.

Thanks and keep doing what you’re doing!


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