Singapore Punk Band Bruised Willies Officially Hang Up Their Willies

One of the reasons we run this site is to document the existence of awesome bands from out here in Asia. Often bands form, release stellar music that doesn’t get spread beyond within their own scenes or communities. Sometimes these releases are MASSIVE deals in their own communities but doesn’t get the regional push/exposure that the releases deserve because of a lack of resources (or interest). The band’s eventually break up and aside from local memories of the band, they’re completely forgotten or worse, their existence erased all together.

Bands like Singapore punk band Bruised Willies who were short lived yet released an insane discography of awesome music in their time together is case in point.

This was the simple announcement they made:

We don’t want you to forget.

Yes, the band has called it quits. But, their music/videos can live on. Remember the name.


Apparently, the bassist didn’t know until we made this announcement for the band:

To which their label, Dangerous Goods, also helped us further rub salt in those wounds:

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