Singaporean media company Dwellers release IKTPQ Singapore show photos

Dwellers Singapore

We’re certainly not only about supporting the insanely talented musicians, bands and labels out here working their asses off in Asia, we also wholeheartedly support everyone else behind the scenes – from sound crew to videographers to graphic designers to the ever daring photographers. How insane are photographers at extreme music shows? For real! When the pits are going wild and most SANE people are moving to the sides or away from the mayhem, it’s these crazy photographers who are running INTO the burning building, so to speak, to try and capture the passion and emotion of the moment of wildness. I’ve seen photographers get punched and kicked in the face, get stomped on, used as a ladder so the stagediving dude can get the perfect momentum to be thrown up in the air…the list is endless…all while the photographer keeps his/her cool and does whatever they can to keep the show going…one hand holding a dude up, the other hand on the trigger to get that perfect shot!

So hats off to all of y’all who walk into a punk/hardcore/metal show knowing full well that you’re going to leave battered and bruised, but armed with tons of great footage that can only be seen and felt at one of these types of shows.

Long intro…but I checked out these photos that Singapore based media company called Dwellers Singapore recently threw up from the IKTPQ show in Singapore last week. The photos of course capture the main act, but more importantly to us, capture the beauty and passion of the opening local acts.

Check out the photos in the link below and also check out their youtube link below that has TONS of great videos that they’ve filmed and edited for your viewing pleasure…

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Nov 12, 2015

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