Shots fired fools! Check out this rager by new Singapore hardcore band True Enemy!

Shots fired fools! Check out this 3 track rager by new Singapore hardcore band True Enemy! The band features the drummer of now defunct Singapore hardcore act State of Pain on vocals. He. Kills. It.

Vocalist Afiq send us further info on the band:

“The band members are myself, Syafiq from Spirits, Haziq from Virtues, Hadhri and Firdaus from Seasight. This band started as I needed a platform to vent about recent experiences I’ve been dealing with the past few months and so I gathered the other members and asked if they would be down to form a new heavy band with me.”

The result can clearly be heard below. Let’s keep this dude angry for eternity because the jams he writes sound GREAT.

True Enemy’s debut show is next Saturday September 22:

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