Crust punk band DISM have been busy! Announce 4 split releases [Malaysia]

Crust punk band DISM have been busy! The band has announced a total of 4 split releases [Malaysia].

1) DISM // D-Crash (DBeat Crust from Beijing) entitled “System Of Bullshit” in Audio CD. Released by Real Deal (China).

2) DISM // Speedwitch (Ripper Crust from Portland) “2 way split” in Audio Cassette. Released by Dismania Production.


DISM // SPEEDWITCH (2 WAY SPLIT)TOTAL OF TRACKS = 9PRODUCED BY = DISMANIA PRODUCTIONPRICE = RM15.00 (FREE STICKER + BUTTON)RELEASE DATE = 13th October 2018Info:1)This is last material from SPEEDWITCH before band break up2) Ths is one and only DISM appear this kind of "THISCLOSE" concept for this split album.

Posted by DISM on Thursday, September 13, 2018

3) DISM // Civil Evacuation (Anarcho Punk from California) entitled “Human Extinction” on audio cassette, bandcamp. Released by Civil Records

4) DISM // Murder Bizkitz (Anarcho Punk based from different country) // Ramrod (Hardcore Punk from Glasgow) // Happy Spastics (Drunk Punk from Edinburgh) entitled “No Gods No Masters” in CD format. Released by Rabid Dog Records.

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