Shoegaze Act Go With Strangers Recalls Dreams of Floating On Debut EP [Malaysia]

Following the debut single, ‘Further’, Malaysian alternative rock/shoegaze act, Go With Strangers, returns with another vibrant piece of hazy and compelling shoegaze. ‘Slow Down, Wild One’ is part of the project’s debut EP, Finding Ikigai, streaming below.

Sharp and immersive guitars, an immaculate wall of sound-style production, together with soft, beautifully harmonized vocals, comprise a perfect gazey pop tune on the lines of genre classics such as My Bloody Valentine and Adorable.

‘Slow Down, Wild One’ speaks from the point-of-view of a larger-than-life entity, or a guardian; watching over a dear one whom they care about. Encouraging them along in their path of life, and assuring them that they will find their way.

“I remember occasionally having dreams of floating in the air, when I was younger. I never thought much about it back then.”, said Eugene, musician and producer of Go With Strangers.

“Sometime earlier this year, I had this sort of dream again; but this time when I woke, I was more aware of such an occurrence.. This time, I was floating, but as my younger self.”

Struggling to write the lyrics and tune for ‘Slow Down, Wild One’, which was the last song to be written on the EP. Eugene had initially written a drastically different lyric and tune, which was almost ready to be engineered and mixed.

“Somehow the music in the chorus kept reminding me of something wider, something more vast and immense.”

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