Shenzhen crust punk band Disanxian’s guitarist release solo record

Shenzhen crust punk band Disanxian‘s guitarist release solo record.

“Disanxian’s guitarist, Maurizio (毛总), has been working on a one man band project with the help of his brother, Marco, in the heart of Shenzhen, China. It’s 100% low-fi, drumming/guitars/vocals are all done by Maurizio, bass line by his brother in Jinhua (Zhejiang) , recorded with a smartphone and then edited with audacity, no filters no direct-pc recording, only raw sounds.

The music is focused on crustpunk, metal punk, blacknened punk and so on… the rawer the better.

The artworks on the website are made by Maurizio as well, all DIY all free!

All for fun, and because…why not?
Long life to Metal Punk!

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