Bangladeshi metalheads release touching video to apologize to Krisiun and Nervochaos

As mentioned yesterday, Krisiun and Nervochaos’ Bangladesh show was canceled. It turns out that upon arrival the band were held at airport immigration with their passports confiscated. Due to the time they were stuck at the airport (reports say up to 10 hours), the show had to be canceled.

Some metalheads who are embarrassed at how their favorite bands were treated and restricted from being able to perform at a sold out show in the country came together to release the following video.

The bigger question that hopefully everyone’s asking is why is it so difficult for musicians to travel the world and play music? That’s all we’re doing…we’re not coming into anyone’s country to topple the government or shit all over the cultures and traditions of that country. If we wanted to do that we could do it safely within our own borders. In fact, the REASON bands travel is to broaden their horizons through playing music. Through playing music they go to countries and learn about the local culture and traditions and gain a different perspective. They then get to write about it or share their experiences with the world to provide a different narrative then what is shove down our throats through mass media.

Fuck man…make it easier for bands/musicians to travel. As a band member myself¬†we know how nerve-wracking it is to go through customs/immigration anywhere in the world. You never know if you’re going to get stopped for traveling into a country on a tourist visa when you’re there to play a show. You may say “why don’t you apply for a work visa”? Really? To play a show to maybe 50 people you want us to drop hundreds of dollars to apply for a work visa?

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