The Ricecooker Radio Show Release Covid1-19 Lockdown Mixtape – Punk Rock For The Win

Our dear friend Joe Kidd of Malaysia has been our source of SE Asian punk rock stories, releases, information for DECADES…not even kidding. He’s recently been running The Ricecooker Archives/The Ricecooker Radio Show for some time now: “The Ricecooker Archives is an archival project to document and share Southeast Asian Rock’n’Roll history, especially the regional underground.”

Today he released this excellently named mixtape Covid-19 Lockdown Mixtape to help those of us who are staying at home pass the time. 30 minutes of punk rock goodness…when we looked through the mixtape and how the tape was full of CLASSIC punk rock, we had to ask him how he curated this list:

“Well, first of all, since the confinement due to Covid-19 here in Kuala Lumpur, I’ve been taking out and playing a lot of tapes I had from the late 70s and the early 80s – stuff from my teenage years. I thought I’d start a mixtape of my personal faves and share with my equally locked-down friends. So it’s a bit of a call to celebrate the early stuff which fired up and shaped my life. A lot of the band I selected actually have very patchy releases, meaning there are only a few songs from their canon which are crucial. Most are quite wanting in songwriting, which is why most of them are pretty obscure. I think this selection presents them at their peak.”

We can’t stop listening to this mixtape…it’s that good…meaning Joe clearly did a great job putting an insane collection together. Also, if you noticed it does say “Part 1”! The songs on these are soooooo good that we’re dying to hear future editions of these mixtapes!

Full playlist:
01. The Ricecooker Radio Theme
02. THE DARK – The Masque (1982)
03. DEMOB – No Room For You (1981)
04. VICE SQUAD (with Lia on vocals) – Black Sheep (1983)
05. THE INSANE – El Salvador (1982)
06. THE EXPELLED – Dreaming (1982)
07. VIOLATORS – Gangland (1982)
08. ABRASIVE WHEELS – Burn ‘em Down (1982)
09. ONE WAY SYSTEM – Stab The Judge (1982)
10. CRIMINAL DAMAGE – Criminal Crew (1983)

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