Punk Rock Legends SMZB Tease New Music Video [China]

Wuhan punk rock heroes (Asia really) SMZB have put up a teaser for an upcoming music video. The music itself has a killer Western-Cowboy feel with vocalist/guitarist Wu Wei even dressing the part as well. Can’t WAIT to see and hear this!

SMZB may be one of the only voices coming out of China that is hypercritical of the government. They are not only critical of the government (and have ALWAYS BEEN), but they are also supportive of people rising up (like supporting us here in Hong Kong) against backwards, tyrannical, authoritarian regimes. SMZB have constantly voiced their support by screaming 香港人加油 and it means the world to us see our brothers and sisters in China support our cause here. That’s why – we’ve stood with SMZB from the very first day to the last.

May freedom reign in its truest form – FREE.



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