Punk Rock Band Pistols99 Offer Their Second Response To Political Turmoil [Thailand]

A few days ago Thai punk band Pistols99 released the first taste of their upcoming EP with a solemn and gentle track. The band has quickly followed it up with a second more straight-ahead pop-punk number entitled ‘Hypocrisy’. Luckily, the band has been very kind to always send us information about the lyrical content:

“This is part II from our statement, the song is expressing my frustration towards a cultural aspect which is deeply rooted in this chronically political crisis that held this country backward for a very long time: authoritarianism. This is the root of almost every problem in Thailand. It’s this culture that props up those in power who then use their power against us. This submissive culture lures the majority of its citizens into the corrupt class structure, taming & controlling us via non-critical thinking education, mislead Buddhism, seniority & adultism, or even in our language (if you look deep into Thai language structure you can see that even in term of communication, Thai culture is full of classism) and blinded with their fairy tales or the things they like to present as ‘Thainess’.

It’s all bullshit and very hypocritical which I try my best to express through my lyrics about how fake and rotten they really are. I wrote this song about 6-7 years ago, months after the 2014 coup d’etat. It was the oldest song featured in this ep. And it is still relevant now more than ever.”



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