Punk Band Rhetoric State Take You Through the Stages of Life On New Album [Indonesia]

“Aku ini binatang jalang
Dari kumpulannya terbuang”
(I am a wild beast, discarded from the swarm)

A piece of poetry from Chairil Anwar drew the attention of an Indonesian punk band called Rhetoric States. They interpreted the phrase “Binatang Jalang” (which also means; free-living beast) as the spirit of freedom and struggle of people who are discarded. Those who are marginalized, ignored, and not taken into account. The struggle for freedom to be yourself.

Their latest album, “Balada Kisah Binatang Jalang” is the embodiment of that meaning. The record contains 10 massive, destructive yet constructive, tracks sequentially telling the story of human life through the stages and emotions that surround it.


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