Punk Band Rancour (Formed in 1994!!!) Release New Music Video/Single [Singapore]

In this age of social media technology, news and information are easily available to everyone. This has captivate the attention of media practitioners to determine the credibility of several pieces of news and information that were broadcasted to the society through different medium. Therein lies the challenge to keep up with the rate of fabricated news that are spreading rapidly on especially on social media. Sadly, many of those were shared prematurely and worse, were being sensationalised in the hope of creating attention upon themselves, or just to create widespread confusion. Being an advocate of seeking the truth and responsibility, Rancour hopes this song have an adverse effect on the sharing and relaying culture in social media.

Some background on the band themselves:

“Rancour was formed in late 1994 by founding members – Had Adnan, Yuzaimi Zainal and Bob. The lads shared a common love for the sounds of bands like Sex Pistols, Screeching Weasel, Gold Finger and Green Day.

The first line-up change took place sometime in 1995 with Shahreil Aziz stepping in on 2nd guitar, followed by a second change when Haszli Ahmad replaced Bob on the bass. This final line-up stayed true till today.
1996 was a good year for the young band. Gigs started coming in, more people took notice of this punkrock band from the northern part of the island. The band’s energy and style was liked and more shows poured in.
1998 came and together with 2 other bands, Rancour released a compilation of 8 songs. This DIY compilation was named “PunkRock98”.

Rancour released their debut album entitled “Last Cabin” in 2006. They then had the chance to do a small self-supported promo trip to Hong Kong where they received good response and support from the local gig goers there.

2008 proved to be a great year for the band. Rancour took part in a local TV band competition, “Anugerah Band 08″. Standing tall amongst great musicians and bands, Rancour turned out tops and came in 1st. A short stint with a major label and shows on TV and functions followed. A fruitful experience for the band indeed.

In 2009, Nuriman Mohd Nor, officially joined the band as the 5th member hitting the keyboards and piano. However, he decided to leave the band and focus on his Anime PunkRock band Iman’s League but is still very much a member of Rancour always.

Work, marriages and kids started happening and presently, Rancour enjoys their weekends over dinners or picnic get together. But fret not, they are still around and we can safely say that new materials within the next few years.”



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