Punk band NTHREEP release new EP [Indonesia]

Punk band NTHREEP release new EP [Indonesia]

“Many things happened in the past 3 years yesterday. Indonesia has a new president who departed from a timber entrepreneur from solo and ethnic conflicts, religion to civil war and many funny and horrific incidents from the behavior of state officials ranging from legislative to executive group.

among all the important events from 2015 to 2018, the punk melodic group, NTHREEP, is busy preparing for their new album material by absorbing any uneasiness they feel. unloading personnel, changing the character of the music to different individual backgrounds is not an obstacle for Pras (bass / vocal), Ian (guitar / vocal), Dayu (drummer) to complete their album material.

and now, NTHREEP releases their EP Album entitled “The Answer”. yes, EP This album becomes an overflow of all the unrest that is felt by them as well as a “face” or picture for their Full Album in the future.

the selection of the album title The Answer is in accordance with the meaning of an answer to all the complexity and unrest that has been passed, ranging from criticism, suggestions, to the scorn we received so far, as expressed by Pras the vocalist. while Ian said that the album’s EP became the first step for NTHREEP to tread the next step. in line with other personnel, Dayu the drummer also revealed that NTHREEP released this EP in order to introduce NTHREEP to all levels of poor society in particular.

The Answer is filled 3 Track which each has its own meaning, starting from the first track that is Swasdi-krab taken from the Thai language which means this song is an introduction greetings from NTHREEP, then Friendshit a little telling of a friend who left us, and Sex Is A Human Need is the last of us to tell about sex from another perspective and sex is not a taboo to be kidnapped and talked about among teenagers.

all these EP materials were released by NTHREEP in which many important roles from the closest friends. CDs they release are not for sale but are distributed free of charge. to get it via Direct Message Instagram they @nthreep or can be heard and downloaded in soundcloud.com/nthreep. it is better to access this EP material by purchasing self-made Merchandise and with the spirit of mutual help with friends, many Merch options and every purchase get bonus CD EP Album “The Answer”.”

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