Punk Band KAAB Take On Right Wing Punks In New Single ‘Slim Punk Fuck Off’ [Thailand]

Yo…we back this hard. If you have a problem with us being firmly against any type of right-wing ideology you’ve been following the wrong site.

Thai punk band Kaab have just released a scathing song entitled ‘Slim Punk Fuck Off’ in which they take issue with punks who are fully pro-establishment. Pro-establishment punks will always be an interesting phenomenon for those of us who got into hardcore and punk rock specifically because of its anti-authoritarian worldview.

To find out more about this song and the band’s stance – we asked our boy Yos of BLAST Magazine out of Thailand to give us a little background to the word ‘slim’.

“Slim is a type of Thai dessert where you can see the ingredients are separated. It symbolizes that isn’t brave enough to take a side and chooses based on what personal gain they get from that decision regardless of how unethical it is.”

Dayum…mad respect to KAAB for taking this issue head-on and clearly putting their stance loud and proud on the table. There isn’t anything more direct then a song title like “XXX Fuck Off”. Check out the video streaming below and the band’s releases up on streaming services.


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