Punk Band GUWF Release Track About Mental Illness [Malaysia]

Can’t begin to tell you how great this track is…not only because it tackles something poignant like mental illness (the band states that 4/5 of the band GUWF [Malaysia] has been diagnosed with this and many of us suffer from this as well so this track hits very close to home), but the song itself is a really well-written song.

“South Klang Valley, Malaysia based Powerpop Punk Rock quintet, GUWF!, defy being pigeonholed into the same mold of pop punk and celebrate the fact of being a busy parent in their mid 30s is still possible to form a rock band.

The band was born in Jan.2019 when two old friends, Munex (Stick No Bill) and Napi (The Korok / Stick No Bill) joking around asking Tobek (Always Last / Fags & Stoned) to help to produce a bunch of their incomplete songs, and this chat happened during the Punkrawk Freakers 2018 where Arif (Never Found) one of their old friends was there as well, talking about the need to write and perform original music again after all of them went on hiatus from playing and attending gigs for few years.

Started earlier, in 2018, Tobek’s solo project focusing on the 90s melodic skate punk, Tobs & Kroni was born and had released a single ‘Play Again’ having two songs, in digitals.

But the otherside of Tobek was yearning to have a Powerpop nerd rock band similar to big names such as Weezer & Ozma. Discovering the new names such as PUP, Jeff Rosenstocks, Prince Daddy & The Hyenas into what comes as a revolution for the new breed of power pop, merging perfectly with the traditional American punk rock styles, has opened Tobek’s mind the need to start to have another side project besides Tobs & Kroni, the usual fast melodic punk rock.

Failed to continue writing powerpop tunes with some old friends, Tobek decided to leave the group and try his luck with Munex, Napi & Arif by sharing some songs from PUP, BTMI, Jeff’s, American Steel to be covered for a jamming session. Another old friend, Solih (Brayok) comes in mind to fit the drum position as he’s staying in Cyberjaya, near to the other twos.

After few rehearsals, GUWF! was born and one song entitled Ping Pong was recorded as a single release promo as well as for Give & Take compilation vol.2 under Nervhous records.

New drummer Jero (The Caesar) came in Dec.2019 when Solih had to leave the band due to commitments.

GUWF! plans to have an EP release in 2020 in digital, CD/cassette formats for their first time ever.”


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