Punk band Amok release video [Indonesia]

Sunday, October 10 2018 for the first time Southwave appeared on a public screen by uploading their first video “AMOK – Babak Satu, Live at Ragabatu”

Southwave is a collective that focuses on band archiving, with live session videos expected to be able to maintain honesty in the performance side. This idea arises because we want bands in the local music scene to get more appreciation. As well as video channels that have been easily accessed, the audience can respond directly and get acquainted / interact with the band that they are watching. Of course, the bands we choose, we curate with heart and love. And this first time, we chose AMOK as the first video

AMOK, a punk rock band from Yogyakarta that is rich in passion, honesty and meaning in each verse – the song. With their point of view, mixed with subtle political and social phenomena is summarized into one unity – Babak Satu – as in the song “Manusia Makhluk Sosial” which discusses the erosion of the interaction of fellow human beings directly, or “Racun Kota” which discusses the frenzied city that is the future reference but full of uap asap bernyawa berhamburan, plus the cultural sides (especially Javanese) that are sublime in a beautiful manner while still carrying values, like song “Eling Lan Waspada” which teaches us to Tabayyun, reflection of life for self being

For this time we work together with Ruang Gulma for sound systems, Ragabatu as the place to execute, Track MES 56, Soda Pop Records, and Dugtrax Records. The AMOK –Babak Satu- video can be viewed on Southwave Live YouTube channel or you can also click on the link below and you can also follow Instagram Soutwave at @southwaveyk to follow the latest updates from us. Thank you!


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