Progressive Metalcore Act Project 9 Announce Debut Album [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong-based progressive metalcore band Project 9 have announced the release of their debut album ‘You Deserve It’. We’ve been running music by the band for years now and still have no idea who is in the band or what exactly is going with it. But someone in the band has sent this full write-up so check it out below:

“Project 9’s debut album, titled “You Deserve It”, will drop on all streaming platforms on January 1, 2022. The anonymous project, which started out as a school project in 2015, has been active these past few years, releasing music that allegedly features many members of local Hong Kong bands. The songs are written with minimal effort and often completed in a day or two. While the main theme seems to be sex, the songs are meant to challenge issues that have been plaguing the local scene. Explanation kills art. What is there to express if everything has to be explained? The stories feature people of all ethnicities and backgrounds and are often ridiculous. The music is a mixture of Cantonese melodies, contemporary metalcore, and hip-hop. The production is not meticulous yet competitive. It is a project that now aims to bring a smile to listeners’ faces while slowly burning away the hatred and anger that divides us. The title in Chinese, [你值得擁有]is the slogan of L’Oréal Paris and is meant to shed light on women’s rights and the taboo of sexual pleasure. One recurring theme is also the toxic relationship culture that is prominent in Hong Kong.

The cover features the core active members and up-and-coming dancer and instructor @kimberly_cheer. It is meant to depict an exorcism of all that is considered unholy or 唔見得光.

The album has 9 tracks and features a dozen people from all ethnic groups who’ve worked on the drums, vocals, and guitars. The identity of these individuals is kept secret out of respect.”

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