The Prodigy rip off cover of well loved Chinese punk rock band Misandao

the prodigy

We’re a little late to this party…our apologies.

A couple weeks ago The Prodigy announced their first show on Chinese soil which went off a couple days ago. While making this announcement they used the above image with their logo on it. Unfortunately for them, as is the case for most of the world, they didn’t realize they were using an incredibly iconic photo taken by the bass player of Chinese punk rock band Misandao for their very own record Proud Of the Way that they released years ago.


Of course, some huge supporters, and close friends of the members of Misandao, got on Facebook to post their thoughts:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 3.04.27 pm

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 3.04.42 pm

We don’t know the story of how The Prodigy were able to obtain the photo. It could’ve been a simple misunderstanding of someone in The Prodigy camp googling photos coming across this one and thought it was cool, because it IS a cool photo – hence why it became so iconic within the punk rock world in China and why Chinese punks are up in arms that someone would use it without giving credit to where this came from and what it’s all about.

We hope by bringing this up on our site that we are also able to help Misandao and everyone else have some conversation about these types of situations. There are countless bands around the world releasing music with iconic artwork/photography like this and unfortunately, credit is not easy to find nor details of how to get in touch with bands to see if images can be used, borrowed or even straight up copied as in this case.

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