PREMIERE: Metallic Hardcore Band Dagger Release Song Dedicated to Hong Kong

Metallic hardcore band Dagger are premiering a new track entitled Yellow Helmets (featuring vocalist Fraise Tam of doom metal band Chimeras). The band has dedicated the song to people fighting for Hong Kong.

The song’s title is in reference to what is considered part of the Hong Kong protest uniform – a yellow helmet – worn by frontline protestors, the media, medics, the elderly, children, office workers, anyone and everyone who heads out onto the streets to face the brutal HK police force. Though the attire may have changed in order to further protect the identity of frontline protestors – the “yellow helmet” symbolism remains.

Photo Credit: Reuters

The lyrical content refers to specific instances that have turned Hong Kong upside down these past 5 months baffled at the brazen acts of violence caused by the police. Lyrics touch on police beatings, arrests, undercover police pretending to be protestors, mass arrests of ordinary citizens, missing arrestees, threatening language, police colluding with triads, teargassing, pepper spraying, shooting both rubber and real bullets at protestors and ordinary citizens, the list is endless. In the middle the band also adds a direct quote from a frontline protestor who states they’re willing to die for the cause.

According to the band, “The original lyrics to this song was about a whole different topic. But this past summer all we could do was head out to the streets in protest. If we were not on the streets we were glued to our phones and computers, our lives completely engulfed in what was happening in our city. It was especially difficult what was happening to all the brave frontline protestors/medics/press people who were risking their lives and bodies for our home. Thus, we had to release some sort of art to help us process all of this. This song Yellow Helmets is the result.”

And in regards to including Fraise of Hong Kong doom metal band Chimeras:

“We approached Fraise of Chimeras because we love her band and her approach to singing. She can sing with incredible vulnerability, but then also get some guttural throat destroying screams as well. This song is a combination of anger and despair so we needed a tone like hers to fully capture this turmoil.”

Fraise added:

“Special thanks to Dagger for all the efforts to sing about our home! May freedom glow in Hong Kong! May Glory Be to Hong Kong.”

Thank you to anyone anywhere on this planet that is keeping themselves aware of what’s going on here in Hong Kong and spreading awareness through their own actions: organizing protests, creating art (such as the Metallica parody artwork above), music, boycotting companies who turn their backs on Hong Kong, writing directly to media, writing directly to their legislators, demanding that their own governments release statements condemning the behavior seen here in Hong Kong, sharing videos, photos, stories, etc. Lives have been lost in this fight. Hong Kong continues to be in a state of despair as we all keep fighting day in and day out. Thank you for paying attention.

If you’re interested in donating money to an organization who is providing financial/legal help to those arrested, please check out Spark Alliance Hong Kong at this link:


If you can hear these words
These words that we sing
We just want you to know
Your lives will not go in vain.

In these hopeless times
Not all can find strength
Yet you don your masks
Walk right into the flames.

Not all heroes
Wear capes
All our heroes
wear yellow helmets

“We are fighting for a permanent future
I have no one to love
I have nothing to care
But this
So I am willing to die for this.”

You will be misunderstood
They will try and infiltrate you
Character assassinate

Your resolve
Your resolve will see you through
Will see you through

Beaten bruised and scarred
With every hit you take
They want to crush your will
This spirit will not break.

The sacrifice you’ve made

Blood dripping down
your face.
An image we can’t replace.

This battle is of conscience
In our hearts is resistance
Our future in the distance
Feels so far away.

The day will come
We can take our masks off
Stand atop lion rock
Sing “Glory to Hong Kong”.

The band has announced that they will be releasing a music video for the song sometime in December. The song will be featured on their upcoming split EP with Thailand’s Ugoslabier. The split EP will be released on CD format by Blackat Records [Thailand] November 25. For Dagger, the CD will be available at their show opening for Implore in Hong Kong:

Metallica parody artwork by Anonymous Artist – Please feel free to download and share worldwide.
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