PREMIERE: Filipino hardcore band Some Came Running release Society

Some Came Running


Here you go – it’s been awhile since we’ve done any sort of premiere on the site and today’s the day that you get to check out the Filipino version of Strife!

The band is called Some Came Running who started back in 2012 and are about to release a 5 song self-titled EP in September of this year. As you can tell with this killer debut track called “Society” down below – Some Came Running are heavily influenced by mid-90’s American hardcore ala Strife and other Victory bands of that era (you know, the era when Victory actually was a label that you could stand behind – not the piece of shit that they are now). So if you like your hardcore with just a tinge of metal – this is your JAM!

Some Came Running

The entire EP was recorded in their guitar player’s home except for the vocals – so by capturing that RAW energy of a hardcore band, it sounds like the band is about to explode at any moment. That’s what comes off loud and clear with a totally DIY and raw recording like this…by capturing all the imperfections of a band on a recording you really do a great job representing that street grit of a punk rock/hardcore band.

Enjoy Some Came Running and hit them up on their Facebook to find out more about the band:

Lyrics are:

Society question us
For who we are
For what we have become
They try to infiltrate our minds

We seek for advancement
We’re here for our passion
We fight for what we believe in
Nothing can stop us from this

Society is killing us
Killing minds
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