Power-Pop Trio Strange Lives Release Music Video For Angsty Track [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong power-pop-punk trio Strange Lives has released a music video for their angsty punk rock track “Left Out To Die”.

“Two thousand canisters of poison for your ‘sons and daughters’, you shoot your kids in the eye and say ‘the fault wasn’t mine’!”

Written two years prior to the release date, the band hopes to highlight the despair and desperation of Hong Kong’s youth felt during the 2019-2020 pro-democratic protests. With the middle finger pointed directly at the territory’s leader, the band holds no punches with their accusations against the government – citing the injustice and tyranny experienced during the heydays of the protests, including the eye injury of a teacher by rubber bullets, the insane amount of teargas indiscriminately fired towards peaceful citizens.

“You set your future on fire, but you will burn away the lies, you can’t hide!”

The song hopes to serve as a reminder of the emotions, injustice, cruelty, and brutality experienced two years ago – no amount of historical revisionism or plain disinformation can change the truth.

“Left Out To Die” is part of Strange Lives’ B-sides compilation “SL3 EP”, featuring tracks that did not make the cut on their previous releases. The full EP is streaming below.


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