Check Out Singapore Hardcore Band Spiral Rip It Up In Live Webstream Video

Singapore hardcore band Spiral ripped it up last night in a live webstream organized by Vidsee, Tonehouse Studios and crew. According to the dudes in Spiral, “Vidsee, Tonehouse Studios, and their talented crew came together in an effort to put together a short documentary revolving around the new-age hardcore punk scene and our band. They laid the foundation of what went behind the scenes, from stage set up to sound. It was entirely them that made this livestream possible”.

The full performance is about 30 minutes long and fully captures the energy that the band is trying to give off – even though we’re just watching it through our computer screens. That’s clearly a sign of the immense expertise that all involved in the production of this event have for providing bands with something that is going to fully represent them. The band also had a similar sentiment, “It was definitely an overwhelming experience for us. Though it was a different approach/an alternative to live shows, there was no difference for us to radiate our energy online”.

After the performance Spiral had a little period of reflection, “We miss the underground, and we hope it’ll make a come back soon. The pandemic has made it difficult for us to display our creativity and we want other bands to get a chance to be on stage again. Despite this, Lion City’s hardcore is being well preserved and our buddying bands are ready to pump out more than we have got.”

The band is going to go back to focusing on releasing their 4 track EP sometime this year. Until then, go jam their single ‘Monarch’ below.


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