Pop punk band Cubfires release new single [Indonesia]

Pop punk band Cubfires release new single [Indonesia]. Wow!!! Check out this introduction by Rizkan Records:

“Dang! Again we are totally please to pollute your email inbox with our news again haha! This time we would like to present you ur new family member, CUBFIRES! Well this is actually a project initiated by one ur lovely fellow, Avinnala Yunus, who played drums on the disbanded What The Sparrow Did To You and some of you would probably recognize him as Peruvian Necktie. Yes he did change the name!

By this email, we would like to inform you that Cubfires just put out a single for his upcoming EP on the work. Personally I love this song so much and pretty much putting up an optimistic view about the band.

And obviously its been pleasure if any of you making an exposure for the single and I would like to say thank you for your time reading this crappy shit.”


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