Philippines punk band The Exsenadors release statement about the death of fellow punks



Philippines punk band The Exsenadors has released the following statement regarding the murders of punk rockers who were volunteers of Food Nob Bombs. Read the statement below:

“We express our solidarity with the punk community, families and friends in seeking justice for the murders of fellow punks and Food Not Bombs volunteers, Chris Jose Eleazar (aka Mokiam), Jan Ray Patindol (aka Pating), Jessie Villanueva De Guzman and Patrick Paul Pile. All four of them fell victims to the PNP and Duterte’s war against drugs aka Oplan Tokhang.

Mokiam and Pating were murdered early this month in Cotabato, Mindanao. Jessie and Patrick were killed, in separate incidents, last July in Bulacan. The PNP claimed that all of them were killed during “legitimate operations” and used the usual excuse–they resisted arrest and “fought back” or nanlaban in Filipino.

On the other hand, families and friends claim that there were traces of torture in the bodies of Mokiam and Pating. They are accusing the police of planting of evidences against the victims.

We are also calling for the immediate release of Marco (aka Cram) who is being detained in Cebu on false drug charges. He was arrested early August after the local police planted a packet of drugs on him and being accused of selling it.

We call on the punk community and the entire scene to join the call for justice for the victims of Oplan Tokhang, Extra Judicial Killings and other forms of state repression. This is fascism, state fascism to be precise. We must expose and oppose it ‘coz were punks, we despise fascism.

To support the campaign, you can link up with the following organizations:
• Food Not Bombs chapter in your place
• URGE COTABATO for Mokiam and Pating

For friends abroad, you can contact Mr. Ruperto Estanislao of AninoKo and Aklasan Records. He has direct contact with the friends of Mokiam and Pating. He is organizing a benefit show on Oct 14:

You can also buy Filipino American punks, Namatay Sa Ingay’s recent album, “Gera Kontra Droga” ( All proceeds will go to the families of victims of Oplan Tokhang in the Philippines.

There’s also a Go Fund Me campaign for Marco:

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