Philippines metal behemoths – Skychurch – release new music video and issue update

Philippines metal behemoths – Skychurch – have released a new music video and issued an update.
* We’d just like to mention how honored we are that the band allowed us to issue their update as well.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the online launch of the music video and so we sent a message to vocalist/bassist Russell to provide us some info regarding the song:

“The song is all about how one’s perspective changes the way he/she see things in life. Like to some, failing is like a curse or a misfortune, to some – failure is redirection or a learning process. It’s kinda self-explanatory or a no brainer to look at it plainly.”

Russell sent lyrics in as well to help further understand the content which you can read further below.

Skychurch were also kind enough to give us some updates on the band:

“Skychurch will be reviving some of the old songs that we hardly play and record a new version of them. We are also polishing up  new material to be more stage friendly so we can include them in our set and hopefully record them ASAP. Gigs, we have gigs lined up but currently it’s all around the Philippines but we sure hope to close deals to play in Music Fests around Asia and other regions soon. Besides all of this, we are still working on how we can manage all of this since we also have other commitments with our families, bands, businesses and ministries.”

Skychurch rules – go check out the video and spread the word!


Let me guide you
To rise above your emptiness and distress
Perspective makes a difference in your life

You can be what you want to be
it’s all up to you

You can see what you want to see
It’s all up to you

Pride, self-pity
Should be a thing of the past
Always stand with your with feet on the ground

Take charge

Keep moving forward and discover
The greatness of life is forever
You should never let darkness rule your life
Stand and believe

You can be what you want to be
It’s all up to you

You can see what you want to see
It’s all up to you

Living your life is a matter of perspective
It’s either you quit or you succeed
The way you see things makes you decide
will you stop or be the better man to see
You can stay there and get nothing
Or you can take the leap to be closer to your dreams
There is power in the principle that I will share
Make it all real!

Faith, truth Hope Trust in God

You can be what you want to be
It’s all up to you

You can see what you want to see
It’s all up to you

Faith, truth Hope Trust in God

And deliver
Move forward

You can be what you want to be
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