Philippines Acts Zero Four Hero x Typecast x Kamikazee Come Together On a MXPX Cover

Three Philippines acts – Zero Four Hero, Kamikaze, Typecast – have joined forces by making the most of the current quarantine/lockdown shit plaguing most of the world…they’ve come together to put together a dope cover of an MXPX song.

“Given all these quarantine, social distancing rules, we as musicians really need to adapt and find ways to connect to the listeners as well as connect and collaborate with fellow musicians.

That was why Jomal, guitarist of Kamilazee thought that it would be the perfect time to form some kind of a online side project band, so he contacted Bai Nuñez aka Zero Four Hero, since both were good friends back in the days when Bai (also a member of The Ambassadors) was still based in the Philippines. Jomal also added Sep Roño, drummer of Typecast and Jason “Puto” Astete who happens to be his bandmate from Kamikazee, one of the most successful bands in the Philippines. The group decided to cover an MxPx song titled “Invitation To Understanding” since all of them are big fans of the band. They are also working on another MxPx cover, stay connected.”

It even caught the attention of MXPX themselves who shared it on their IG stories:

Vocals – Bai Nuñez – Zero Four Hero
Drums – Sep Roño – Typecast
Bass – Putoputs – Kamikazee
Guitars – Jomal Linao – Kamikazee
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