Our Pals In Numinous [Philippines Based Management Group] Are Up In This Social Media Game

Our good friends in Numimous, a Philippines based events and artist management group, has just upped the social media game with a massive amount of links to where you can find all their updates (bands, shows, tours, festivals, releases, etc).

We know how important it is that those of us who work BEHIND the scenes support each other – so we got you.

Go smash the like, follow, subscribe button to all of these…


We’re especially loving their youtube channel with brand new guitar playthrough videos by our dudes in Typecast. Look at how sick this playthrough vid is – you even get a great look at their signature guitars released by D&D Custom Guitars. And how the FUCK can we NOT re-post that badass Pantera cover by Skychurch again???

Respect to everyone working behind the scenes for your local bands and making them feel and sound like the world’s greatest bands. Because they are. You just gotta believe in them.

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