Nick’s Top 10 Asian Releases of 2015 (Vocalist of The Caulfield Cult)

nick wong

Nick’s Top 10 Asian Releases of 2015
The Caulfield Cult

Stoked to have met some great people throughout Asia doing awesome things, and have been doing awesome things, through this website. One of these guys is Nick the vocalist/mastermind behind a phenomenal Asian punk band called The Caulfield Cult from Singapore. In the short time that I have started to be aware of this dude’s crazy schedule (he’s a workhorse) – all I see is a dude devoted to playing music consistently being able to find a way back  on the road either with The Caulfield Cult or whatever Singaporean band that gets out there (He toured as fill-in guitarist for one of my favorite contemporary Asian hardcore bands Straight Forward when they toured Australia).

If you stay on top of his various social media platforms you’ll also know that homie likes to certainly stir the pot. I LOVE that about this guy…most of it seems tongue in cheek, but every now and then you sense that there is something deeper behind his posts.

Very honored that he would take the time to send in his top 10 Asian releases of 2015!

radiant archery

who cares, really

atheist’s cornea

here and there


small hands
split w/ordinary neighbours

split with virginia on duty split 7″

piri reis


lucky me

astrid & kaji
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