New Gothic Metal Band Gods of Decay Release Trailer [Japan]

New generation gothic metal band Gods of Decay from Tokyo, headed by Georgian vocalist Anna, will release their debut music video Nightmare on the perfectly timed Christmas Eve.

The video is directed by Ichiro Hino who wants viewers to experience the following elements: nightmares, loneliness, odyssey, demons, and death, and how these elements lead to an ultimate climax.

Sara, a gothic makeup artist who was in charge of makeup, tried out various makeup patterns and applied makeup based on the theme of corruption, monsters and demons, apart from human aesthetics.

Lyrically speaking, Anna wrote “sleeping, nightmares, illusions, sense of reality, madness, darkness and light, maze” and so on as keywords. Guitarist Frost created a dark and heavy modern loud sound.

Formed in 2018 in Tokyo, Gods of Decay is a band former by the guitarist from Japan, Frost, and a Georgian (Europe) vocalist Anna. Their music is at the intersection of international genres such as post-grunge/alternative gothic metal band.

The dark and “meaty” sound of Gods of Decay is born out of the fusion of various genres (such as post-grunge, gothic meal, nu metal, alternative metal, and many more) at its base with the strong adherence to melody. The mix of heaviness and melodism creates the band’s original sound.

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