New Compilation Announced To Support Women in The Korean Rock Community

A few months ago we interviewed the members of Korean band Billy Carter on our Unite Asia Podcast about the Korean punk scene and their own path to punk rock (Click here to view that interview). In the interview, both members were very vocal and candid about the issues that women in Korea continued to face in Korea’s patriarchal society. While discussing these issues, they also informed us that a special compilation record was in the works featuring women involved in a variety of genres in the Korean scene.

Yesterday, news got out that the compilation in fact is finished and is scheduled to be released on November 26!

Jiwon of Billy Carter was kind enough to help us translate and provide some more information about the release.

“The main organizers of this compilation record entitled ‘We Do It Together’ are Minjung, vocalist of the band Ego Function Error and Mingyu Kim, owner of the label Electric Muse. In the run-up to this release, there were two events held to promote women in bands called ‘Circles’ and ‘#WEWEWE’. Both these events took place over the past two years by providing a platform for people to network with bands, musicians, artists, directors, etc, and of course, showcase their talent. Minjung’s main goal for the past two years was to collect enough music to create a compilation record featuring women in order to share their stories and to promote awareness of sexism that continues to fester in the community.”

The organizers have set up a special crowd-funding initiative for the project which you can read up on HERE. The album will be available both in physical and digital formats on November 26 and on the 28th there will be a special online streaming concert featuring 6 of the bands participating.

Full list of the participating bands is below:

드링킹소년소녀합창단 Drinking Boys And Girls Choir
빌리카터 Billy Carter
아디오스 오디오 Adios Audio
아마도이자람밴드 AmadoLeejaramBand
에고펑션에러 Ego Function Error
천미지 Cheon Miji
카코포니 Cacophony
티어파크 Tierpark
향니 Hyangni
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