Neverdie release statement of regret for April Fool’s Day scam [Philippines]

Neverdie release statement of regret for April Fool’s Day scam [Philippines].

That headline was such clickbait hahahaha…

Anyway…yes – if you were paying attention from a couple days ago, the so-called “full album stream” that they released was actually one original song and a whole bunch of fucking Rick Astley songs pieced together. The bastards even got us! Hahahahaha…

From Tani’s mouth:

“Hey guys. We sort of feel bad for putting up a fake full album stream on April Fools (actually no we don’t lol. No regrets). To make up for it, we put up another new song. This one’s the title track which will be on our 2nd full length “Carry On” coming out hopefully this year.”

He added…”Riz is one sexy human being” OK – he didn’t really say that…

“It’ll be under Continent Records and there will be 10 tracks! No definite release date yet but we’re hoping to put this out late 2017.”

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