Muslim musicians of Houston (Texas) come together to host a show on day of Trump’s inauguration

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Muslim musicians of Houston (Texas) have come together to host a show on the day of Trump’s inauguration all uniting under the title We Belong: Houstonians of Muslim descent dissent.

When we saw this post this morning we knew that we as a website had to back this even though it’s not happening anywhere in our neck of the woods. But because our neck of the woods includes people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender, languages and of course religion – that this is something that we would most definitely support. The incendiary rhetoric that this idiot has spewed and the power he has given to other white supremacists as a result of his belittling and vilifying of people of various backgrounds more than deserves the attention of the people the world over to stand up and support our brethren who are at the front line of what will, for the next few years at least, will be the new normal.

Here’s the write up:

“On January 20, 2016 a man takes the highest office in the country who has spent the last year and a half vilifying many groups in this country and around the world. We, as Houston musicians who are Muslim or are from Muslim families, are standing up on this day. This man and the people he surrounds himself with say that us, our families, and many of our friends do not belong in this country and that this country does not belong to us too. He is wrong.

Come join TURNAWAYSGiant KittyRuiners, and Revels – HTX at Walter’s Downtown on Inauguration Day to add your voices to ours. All proceeds will go to the ACLU of Texas because we will surely need them.”

Check out the bands below and to get more info hit up:

Here’s also an in-depth write up to how/why this show was created in the first place:



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