Metallic hardcore band Player Hater featuring Indian-American member release demos [USA]

Metallic hardcore band Player Hater featuring Indian-American member release demos [USA]. According to the member, Chris, the band his way of dealing with a whole host of mental problems:

“For the past few years, I have been battling with mental health. It was something I swept under the rug. I kept it hidden, I felt like it was this big dark secret that I couldn’t share with anyone. I didn’t want to be a burden on anyone else, so I kept it concealed. It lead to inconsistent weight loss/weight gain, alcohol-fueled meltdowns and a life I believed wasn’t worth living. Being of Indian-Caribbean descent and having a huge extended family, I was scared of being labeled crazy, I was scared of being labeled a wimp, I was scared of being labeled ungrateful because I couldn’t find happiness in a land full of opportunity. Mental health is a thing in the POC community that isn’t highly regarded as a real issue. People are told to ‘man up’ and they are told to ‘just let it go’… These responses are unhelpful and leave you feeling even more lost.

For the past few months, I have teamed up with a group of my very good friends and pieced together a metallic-hardcore inspired EP under the band name, Player Hater. The band name is taken from a skit from Chappelle’s Show. It goes deeper than the skit. Dave Chappelle once said in an interview that you shouldn’t call people crazy, because it’s dismissive. This record takes you into the mind of a “crazy” person and shows you their true thoughts and why they shouldn’t be dismissed. These people should be understood and helped. The music takes bits and pieces from metal and hardcore, fusing them into a dark world, reminiscent of my mindset at the time. This EP was one of few times I actually spoke out about my disillusionment with life.

It was refreshing to let all this out and I can definitely see some changes in my life after speaking of the lowest and darkest thoughts that would invade my mind. Things seem clearer and I’m on the track towards progressing my positivity and creating a life worth living. My main goal with this music and message is not to romanticize depression, isolation and fear, it is to let others know that they are never alone. There are millions of people who feel like they are sinking and don’t do anything about it. Many just dig a deeper hole through abusing drugs and alcohol. It’s about finding a healthy outlet to express yourself, it is about self healing. If you see someone struggling, lend a hand. When you show your weakest and most vulnerable episodes, you are truly able to find strength and purpose.”

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