Metalcore Band End These Days Return With New Lineup [Korea]

One of our favorite metalcore bands from out here in Asia is hands down South Korean metalcore band End These Days. The band has been laying low as of late and suddenly dropped a brand new promo pic with new members. So we hit up the vocalist for an update on the band!

“Since 2021 Yang Jin Hyun joined our band on the guitar. He’s an 8-string guitarist known as inlayer and has been featured on our song ‘Vein’ previously.

He was already helping us out as our live guitarist for a while when our previous guitarist, JJ, quit the band. He’s pretty funny on IG so check him out:

Our new bassist is from our hometown of Busan and is definitely a homie. He used to the vocalist/guitarist of a band called Lose My Memory. He’s also the youngest member of the band and used to come watch us play all the time. Our other guitarist Mogi suggested we add him.

And as for the future, I think our music will feel more colorful because of these new members. We’ve already been writing a bunch of songs and adjusting them to match the new members. We’re also in no hurry to get anything so we’re just taking our time one step at a time.

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