Malaysian Punk Band Sweetass Release New Music Video Announce Borneo Dates

Malaysian punk band Sweetass have released a music video for a great track streaming below. The band is also heading to Borneo with Lust for a few dates:

“One of the more melodious grunge cuts in Sweetass’s debut album gets a music video filled with grainy camcorder jackassery and old-school funtimes. As the song serves fuzzy, tightly screwed riffs, it’s contrasted visually with a looser, chaotic collage of Alang rocking a denim jacket, arcade machines and James mooning (It’s all PG-13).

The essential craziness of “1995” is that it acts like fuckall love letter to the world who thinks everything you’re doing is nonsense. Taking away those moments when feel like getting lost once in a while, in that time of your life when Weezer didn’t suck and Billy Corgan made sense. “It’s about what the baby boomers think of my generation. They think they built the nation, while we just want things to stimulate us.” said Alang.

You don’t need to have been alive in 1995 to travel back in time. “It felt like a nostalgia ride for me when I first listened to it”, said director, Arman Shahmiey, when talking about the song. “It reminded me of my angst-filled high school years. I used to play with my dad’s video cam a lot back then, so I recorded all of my friends hanging out, pressing doorbells in the middle of the night from door to door and running away, riding bikes all day”.

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