Long Running Screamo Band Piri Reis Release Debut Album – It’s Amazing [Malaysia]

Malaysian screamo-wizards Piri Reis have finally dropped their debut 10-song LP entitled ‘Ritma’. This is a long time coming with the band having released demo tapes and several split releases over the years they’ve been around so to have a full-length finally is a real treat.

What started with bands such as Utarid, Quantis, Kias Fansuri, and Orbit Cinta Benjamin, have all led to the collection of music that Piri Reis is presenting on this record. “A legacy of a long-lost spirit that reignites with these 10 sparks of passion-driven Screamo-Hymns, that also takes a lot of influences from the European and American Screamo era”. The melodic elements of this band are key to their sound, always catchy, mainly driven, and guided by marrow-deep hitting vocals. Ritma is a growing and ear-catching release of dedicated passion and a return to traditional virtues.

If you wanna fall back in time when bands such as Neil Perry, Tristan Tzara, or Orchid, here you go.

The LP is available via the following labels:

Framecode Records (Malaysia) – https://www.facebook.com/framecoderecords
Moment Of Collapse Records (Germany) – https://www.facebook.com/momentofcollapse/
React With Protest Records (Germany) – http://reactwithprotest.org/
Zegema Beach Records (Canada) – zegemabeachrecords.com


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