Limited split 7″ released for Indonesian stoner rock bands Sigmun and Rollfast

Our buddies at Vanilla Thunder Records have released an incredibly limited split 7″ for two mammoth Indonesian stoner/psychedlic rock bands Sigmun and Rollfast. The owner of the label, Faisal, is such a huge fan of Sigmun that his passion for wanting to do anything for this band is palpable – we can literally feel it through our own computer.

This is how much a fan he was, when we asked him for some information regarding this specific release he actually said,

“Before you even start with our split, go check out their previous release. That’s where it all started for me back on their 2011 demo!”

We hit play on this 2011 demo and right from the opening track (which also serves as their title track) Land of the Living Dead we were left speechless…holy shit…

I travel miles, I see no trace of hope 
The air was burning cold 
The roads were all alone

“I know right?! That’s the first song I heard from them and at the time there were no bands that played that kinda style here!” Faisal added.

Check out the track live in Singapore:

Of course we had to hear more, luckily Faisal was right there ready to serve us some more knowledge.

“The vocalist Haikal also has a solo project you need to check out! And the drummer plays in a band called Mooner.”

Being the kinda person Faisal is, he was quick to share the love for other bands and labels and led us to the page of Orange Cliff Records who is run by Sigmun’s manager.

Back to the actual 7″ that Vanilla Thunder Records is releasing – it is an extremely limited edition release of just 100 copies printed on black vinyl. The release consists of a heavy prog rock track from Bali’s Rollfast and an uptempo psychedelic track from Sigmun. Both tracks are playing below…HOWEVER, Vanilla Thunder were quick to add that orders went up a few days ago and they only have a few copies left! That’s how quick these went…get in touch with Vanilla Thunder Records if you want to grab a remaining copy:

As a wrap up – let’s give the last word to Faisal:

“I fell in love with Sigmun after I heard ‘Land Of The Living Dead’, a track off their 2011 demo, I was floored. I immediately contacted them but instead I talk to their manager Dito which also runs Orange Cliff records. The demo was soon repress onto CD by Cactus Records from KL. I just had to watch these guys live and the opportunity came when I was invited to curate the Rockin The Region Festival at the Esplanade in 2013. They were the first band that I asked. They didn’t disappoint, in fact the crew at the Esplanade liked them so much that they wanted them to come back again. That didn’t happen of course, but instead they did a short Malaysia/Singapore tour. Very young kids when I first met them, and they are such nice guys too. After that they recorded their full length. I offered to release it on a limited 8 track cartridge since there already were tape and CD versions. This was also the time I proposed the flexi deal but that idea fell through and Dito suggested we just do a split with Rollfast from Bali.”

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