Kuching punk band Happily Ever After issue update

happily ever after

Kuching punk band Happily Ever After issue update:

“Kuching Punk Rock Style ! Happily Ever After or HEA established in 2006. Consist of 5 young local talent namely Rian, David, Ryza, Winston and Christopher, they first ever appearance was Band Search 2006 using a name of State Revenue.

Their line-up change from year to year, from stage to another, and decided to start a new band called Happily Ever After. I dont exactly know where does this name came up. As according to Rian, Happily Ever After band name is very easy to remember, with the short-form of HEA. Its easy to say as well. The line-up then consist of Rian, Ryza and David as the original line-up plus two new talent, Late Bob (Ritchel) Guitarist and Gary as their new bassist.

They perform consistently during the end of the year 2006 up till mid year 2008 after their beloved guitarist passed away in 2008. The band then stop for almost few month in 2008 and start to recording some material until Gary left the band that same year.

The band then continued their journey as three-piece punk rock band with Rian as Guitar + Vocal, Ryza Kamil as Temporary Bassist and David as Drummer for HEA. In 2008, not much achievement done by the band until 2009 when Fame r Faisali Amil joined in the band as permanent bassist, the band finally continue their music journey and release some of their material up until today.

Last year (2016), HEA celebrating their 10th Anniversary for the band and perform their first ever reunion during Tempatan Fest 2016 in Kuching, Sarawak. With some help from musician from Kuching itself such as United Kids of oi !, Cermin, Polar, Drasska, Bencana, Firebomb, Forza Kontra, Subnoise Faction, Sunday Reunion, Swaiv, Search and Destroy, Dance on your Grave, Wildhorse, Restart, Saturday Heroes and more.

Now they focusing on new material and hopefully will release new EP with 3 tracks (new track) by 2017.”


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