Kuala Lumpur – You Set It Off For Power Trip – Best Dancing So Far

Yo Manila and Seoul…check out how these Teh Tarik drinking mofo’s in Kuala Lumpur lose their minds to Power Trip. What’s super impressive is the Malaysian dance moves – they fucking rule. When Riley screamed “SET IT OFF” and “SIDE TO SIDE” we seriously thought a couple Malaysian hardcore kids were going to bust into our living room right through the computer screen! What’s ALSO impressive is that there were technical problems right at the beginning – but the band didn’t throw a hissy fit like a bunch of rockstars. Instead, Riley figured out to just go grab the other microphone and keep the momentum going. RESPECT. The band then also thanked Singapore band Deceased for traveling from Singapore to come play this show – and sent out a song to them. FUCKING RESPECT. Even Power Trip respects and understands the value of supporting your own bands.

Is their a fullset video coming??? Hopefully!

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