Japanese hardcore band Prize of Rust – old track but what a good track…

Prize of Rust

Maybe because I’m an older dude – when I think of “Japanese hardcore” it is absolutely bands like this killer band called Prize of Trust…to me, “Japanese hardcore” has always included a very emotional, throat sheering elements of hardcore…bands like Envy, Endzweck, Naiad, etc…so when I heard this band called Prize of Rust I immediately started nodding my head and said “Yeah – THIS is the type of Japanese hardcore that I can get into!” Lately what I’ve heard from Japan has been very much tough-guy/beatdown focused or totally metalcore…so it’s nice to hear a band like this that takes you back to early 2000’s sound where I think Japanese hardcore really created their own vibe.

What a great band…

Check out their FB here: https://www.facebook.com/PRIZE-OF-RUST-149724428460127/?fref=nf

Download this 4 song demo they released in 2010…this is the demo that I like better:

Then download this 3 song demo that they released in 2012:

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