Indonesian Hardcore Acts OUTRAGE and COLDSKIN Smash It On Collab Track ‘Coldskin’

Doesn’t need repeating, but we’re massive stans for Indonesian hardcore band OUTRAGE. When the fellas get in touch about new tracks, new projects, new videos, new ANYTHING – we’re down to listen.

The band has just teamed up with metallic hardcore band COLDSKIN for this insane cross pollination of styles and sounds…the track is entitled ‘Coldrage’ harking back to when the dudes in Outrage teamed up with Humanimal to drop equally wild EP entitled ‘Humanrage’.

Today the band has unleashed this brand new collab and gave us the deets.

“Coldrage” is a collaborative track that delivers a blistering homage to early 90s nu metal, combined with the raw, unrelenting energy that both bands are known for. That tracks stands as a testament to the creative synergy between Coldskin and Outrage.

The track fuses the intensity of hip hop infused hardcore that Outrage has become synonymous with and the gritty, mid boost heavy chug chug riffs that Coldskin is known for. Aditya Kurniawan and Fajar Putranto of Outrage along with Yoel Hutapea of Coldskin fill in on vocal duties creating a dynamic and unforgettable auditory experience.

“This collaboration has been an exciting journey,” says Fajar Putranto of Outrage. “Merging our band’s sounds with the nostalgic elements of 90s nu metal has resulted in a track that’s pretty unique. The guys from Coldskin are friends that we have around in our daily lives, so to have a project such as this just came naturally. Just 8 friends hanging out. The track sounds amazing, Praditya Eka Putra is a sound engineering Jedi.”

Dennis Mandalyca adds, “Being part of both bands has given me a unique perspective on our collective sound. ‘Coldrage’ is the perfect blend of our aggressive styles, paying tribute to the music that inspired us while pushing the boundaries of what hardcore can be.”

The best.

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