Indonesian emo-rock band Beeswax release new single with a social message


Indonesian emo-rock band Beeswax has released a new single from their recently released full length. The song is beautifully sung and written but check out what the song is actually about:

“It’s a sad ending for people of Bumiaji. Bright horizon was seemed apparent for them in 2014 when they won the case against Rayja Hotel in District Court of Malang. Rayja Hotel was found guilty of abusing the environment by establishing a structure capable of threatening the existence of Umbul Gemulo Spring that is supporting 6000 local residents but also 6 other villages in Batu City. However three days ago, strangely the Hotel won the case and the construction is continued. Beeswax wrote this song to spread awareness that there’s still injustice in Indonesia and there’s people need our support and help. As the closest city to Malang, Beeswax need to support the protest of 5000 Bumiaji villagers with this song, and also the support from the international world by posting this song through internet. Help Beeswax exposea this injustice.”

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