Indonesian emo-punk band Kissdontkill back from the dead with new demo – fan submitted

kissdontkillWe just got such a cool message from a diehard fan of this Indonesian emo punk band called Kissdontkill. It’s not often that fans of bands send information in but all of you out there who truly love your local bands should do this more often! Do your best to get the word out there about your favorite local bands! We can tell you this from running this site for almost 2 years now, just because a band can write good music doesn’t mean that they’re also good at promoting themselves! hahahahaha…in fact, chances are they probably REALLY suck at promoting themselves! So go help them…like this person did!

Check out his message:


My name is Aldit from Bandung – Indonesia! Today is one the best days of my life  because my favorite band has just released a new song!

I have followed this band since I was 14 years old when I was still in junior high school. This band is one of the emo/post hardcore pioneers from Bandung (Indonesia) who existed between 2004-2009. During that time they played at a lot of collective DIY gigs and high school music festivals. They released an EP in 2005 (It was not officially released by any label instead they released it themselves and distributed their records by hand) and since then they’ve only (maybe) released a few singles. They went on hiatus (or broke up) in 2009 after which I didn’t hear much from them. But suddenly in 2012 they started a twitter account and announced that they were planing to release an album.

They’re my high school jam! I always listened to their song with my friends. My band even covered their songs for my high school band performance and so many of my friend’s bands were also inspired by them.

They play post-hardcore–emo kind of like Alexis On Fire combined with Funeral For A Friend, and they’re really great live! I hope  I have an opportunity to see them live again. Maybe they’re not famous or big but I think within the local Bandung scene they’re pretty big.

And today from their twitter account they announced that they released a new song! Wow, it’s been a long time! They released a raw demo for an upcoming EP which they plan to release in 2017. I really dig their new material!


I hope the band gets bigger and bigger and are recognized by more people for their amazing music, hard work and records. This is why I’ve submitted this piece of news!


If we were in this band we would get on that phone or email and track this Adit dude down and thank him for his love and support and HUGE passion for their band.

Enjoy the music!

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