Hong Kong pop punk band Feel of All release music video

Feel of All

Let’s face it – punk rock is really not that big a thing out here in Hong Kong. Makes no sense since there’s really a LOT of fodder for punk rock and hardcore in Hong Kong especially these past few years with all the insane antics of our pathetic government and their stupid actions, comments, and the countless mindless decisions that they’ve made…

But alas…for some reason punk rock has just never caught on here. The total amount of punk rock bands here can be counted on one hand really…

Here’s a pop punk band called Feel of All who have released a new music video…we hope these guys keep it up and stay the path! I certainly hope they don’t end up dropping the “punk” in pop punk and just becoming pop…that is the course that many former “pop punk” bands in Hong Kong have chosen to go. And – it’s lame.

Please help support Feel of All here: https://www.facebook.com/feelofall

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